Sutta Chanting, Vol2, 4 CDs

Publisher: VRI

This is a four disk set of Goenkaji chanting important suttas. 

The four disks in the set comprise the following :

Disk (1) - Tikapatthana (1of2) (46 mins) and Disk (2) - Tikapatthana (2of2) (46 mins)

The chanting is from the Abhidhamma, the first book of the Patthana, Tikapatthana, Kusalatikam, Panhavaro. Two disks, total time one hour, 29 minutes. Recorded at Dhamma Giri.

Disk (3) - Dhammacakka Pavattana Sutta (42 mins)

The Dhammacakka Pavattana Sutta is the Turning of the Wheel Sutta. It is the first discourse/ sermon that the Buddha gave after becoming enlightened. It was delivered to his five ascetic friends at the Deer Park in Benasares.

Disk (4) - Gilana Bojhanga Sutta (38 mins)

The Buddha's discourse on illness

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